Degree in Applied Languages

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Course Regulation Course fee Teaching mode: Distance learning (e-learning) Teaching Language: Portuguese

The main objective of this undergraduate degree is the mastery of the Portuguese language as a vector of communication and culture and in-depth knowledge of two or three foreign languages - chosen among German, Spanish, French and English -  applied to the exercising of communication activities and/or commercial and administrative functions, international relations and public relations. In an increasingly connected and globalised world, fluency in several languages is an asset, both on a professional and personal level. At the end of their training, Applied Languages graduates have acquired methods of analysis and synthesis, communication tools and knowledge of the major issues of the contemporary world. The training in languages, to which the Major in Applied Languages corresponds, is complemented by the Minor in Advisory and Administration or the Minor in European Citizenship and Globalisation, which offer complementary and diversified training in other scientific fields, in particular in Sociology, Management, Economics and Law.

Curricular estructure:

Major in Applied Languages (120 ECTS)
Minor in Advisory and Administration (60 ECTS)
Minor in European Citizenship and Globalization (60 ECTS)

The 1st year of the Major is common to both Minors.