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This undergraduate degree is aimed at all those who wish to deepen their knowledge and reflection about life in society, as well as intervene and work in a qualified manner in the social, cultural and political fields. The program is based on a curricular structure which integrates a Major in Social Sciences and one of the following Minors which the student must choose in the second year of the program: Political and Administrative Science; Psychology; Social Work; Sociology. This is a broad-band undergraduate degree, which is increasingly important for those wishing to study and work in the social area, as it encourages flexibility, autonomy and interdisciplinarity.

Curricular estructure:

Major in Social Sciences (120 ECTS)

Minor in Political and Administrative Sciences (60 ECTS)

Minor in Psychology (60 ECTS)

Minor in Social Work (60 ECTS)

Minor in Sociology (60 ECTS)