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Course Regulation Course fee Teaching mode: Ensino a distância, online Teaching Language: Portuguese

This undergraduate degree, with its objective of contributing to the formation of citizens more aware of their cultural identity and social responsibility, contains two formative horizons: cultural enrichment in active and professional life; and the hypothesis of pursuing studies in 2nd and 3rd cycles, in broad areas of the Humanities: Language Sciences; Cultural Studies; History; Philosophy; Art; Literary Studies; other transdisciplinary fields of knowledge. Its aim is to provide students with theoretical, epistemological and analytical tools that will enable them to know their definitions and traditions, their origins and disciplines, their evolution over time and space, and their reception in contemporary Western culture, including the Portuguese universe.

Entry Requirements: 

The conditions of access and enrollment in the in the 1st cycle degree programs at UAb are distinct from the requirements in the remaining Portuguese Higher Education Institutions: students do not compete in the UAb National Competition for Access to Higher Education and UAb has no numerus clausus. Access modes:

  • Specific Access: candidates over 21 years old (different for student-workers) + High School Diploma or equivalent + exam(s) made at UAb.
  • Examination for adult candidates over 23 years old.
  • The Universidade Aberta does not have numerus clausus, accepting the possible number of students, according to the available human resources.

O ciclo de estudos está acreditado pela Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES).


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Curricular estructure:

Major in Humanities (120 ECTS)
Minor in Portuguese Studies (60 ECTS)
Minor in Foreign Culture Studies (60 ECTS)