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This undergraduate degree, which provides access to the master's degree in Environmental Citizenship and Participation and the doctoral degree in Social Sustainability and Development, aims to train specialists in the areas of Environment and Health, the Conservation of Natural Heritage, and Environmental Management and Sustainability. The target public of this program come from both the public and the private sectors, in particular: employees and technicians of the central, regional and local government; managers of housing, rural and ecological tourism units; managers in the area of organic and environmental products; employees and technicians of museums, nature conservation centres; tourism guides linked to ecotourism projects; members of environment, social action, local development and other non-governmental organisations.

Entry Requirements: See Entry Requirements.

Accreditation A3ES | 6 years | Publication date 18/05/2015

A3ES accreditation: The degree in Environmental Sciences (LCA) was accredited by the Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES), under Process n.º ACEF/1314/12522, on 18 May 2015, for 6 years.

DGES Register: The degree in Environmental Sciences (LCA) is registered in the Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES) under n.º R/A – Ef 1093/2011/12522.

The new LCA Study Plan was registered by DGES, on 18 march 2016, under n.º R/A – Ef 1093/2011/AL01.

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All activities of teaching and learning of this course will be conducted online, under virtual classroom environment, according to the Pedagogical Model applied at UAb, for the courses of the first cycle, with the exception of courses Field Work I and II (2nd year course), held in b-learning, with classroom activities for 5 days each (including the weekend).

Curricular estructure:

Major in Environmental Sciences (120 ECTS)
Minor in National Heritage Conservation (60 ECTS)
Minor in Environment and Health (60 ECTS)
Minor in Management and Environmental Sustainability (60 ECTS)