Master's Degree in Pedagogical Supervision

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This master's degree is designed for teachers of any level of education and trainers. It aims to promote the development of processes centred on analysis, reflection, experimentation, the construction of teaching-learning environments and to contribute to the construction of a profile based on the four dimensions that support the meaning of supervision ethical dimension;formative dimension relational and social dimension; investigative dimension.

Candidates are required to meet one of the following pre-requisites:

  • a licenciatura or any other legally equivalent certificate;
  • a BA obtained in a foreign university as long as the program is organized in accordance with the principles of Bologna and the country has agreed to that process;
  • a foreign academic degree approved, by the Scientific Council, as being in accordance with the licenciatura degree aims;
  • an academic curriculum, scientific or professional, that the Scientific Council has approved stating the capacity of the candidate to follow this study cycle.

It is also required: basic digital literacy and a personal computer with Internet access.

Curricular estructure:

This cycle of studies includes:

  • a specialization programme constituted by an organized group of unit courses corresponding to 50% of the degree (60 ECTS);
  • an original scientific dissertation especially prepared for this degree corresponding to the remaining 50% of the degree (60 ECTS).
    The study plan is made up of unit courses in the field of the Education Sciences (82%) and in the field of Phisosophy and Psychology (18%). The dissertation must be in the field of the Education Sciences.