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The object of this doctoral degree program is the world in a dynamic process of globalisation. The nature, intensity and speed of the interconnections between peoples, economies, cultures and the environment create opportunities but also problems and risks to our coexistence, requiring new cognitive and operational instruments. An area of study that is still emerging in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries is promoted, with reference to "global studies", according to the recommendations of global entities, namely UNESCO. This program targets all those who aim to develop advanced research in the area of globalisation, professionals linked to the third and public sectors, executives from companies and international organisations, as well as community leaders and consultants and those from associations and non-profit organisations that intend to implement inclusion at a global level.

O ciclo de estudos está acreditado pela Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES).



Curricular estructure:
The PhD Program in Global Studies is equivalent to 180 ECTS. It is organized on the basis of a 1st part, of a curricular nature, with the credit of 60 ECTS, followed by a 2nd part, dedicated to research, with a credit of 120 ECTS.

In the semesters corresponding to the 2nd part of the PhD Program (Doctoral Thesis Seminar I and II), the student carries out the research under the supervision of the thesis supervisor (s).