Master's Degree in Studies on Europe

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This master's degree follows on from the undergraduate degree in European Studies and arises as a way of responding to the high demand for second-cycle training in this area, ensuring the deepening of knowledge about Europe from transdisciplinary, diversified and comprehensive perspectives. The aim of this study program is to build a theoretical and methodological framework that allows for understanding and explaining how, within the Humanities, Economics, Political Science and Legal Science, Europe has been analysed and perceived; This furthermore develops theoretical, conceptual and empirical knowledge on the issues of interculturality and multilingualism as well as analysing and reflecting on the different representations of Europe while enabling the acquisition of a critical view on European structures, institutions, political and administrative organization and promoting the development of research within the main thematic axes that structure this course.

Curricular estructure:

This Master´s Degree takes 2 years (4 semesters). During the 1st year (2 semesters) students have to attend eight mandatory course units (60 ECTS). The two last semesters, corresponding to 60ECTS, are meant to prepare and write a scientific dissertation.