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The PhD - which results from a partnership with the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), aims to train professionals with solid backgrounds and skills in Information Technologies and Systems with a focus on the Internet and the Web, to meet the needs of research, teaching and leadership of highly innovative projects for the development of new applications, products and models of use of the Internet and the Web. It aims to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to become leaders in the emerging digital economy and society, motivated to study the Web not only as a technological infrastructure but also as a phenomenon influenced by society and businesses and organizations in general, with impacts on all of human activity. It also aims to provide the competence to develop and stimulate scientific research in the area of Web Science and Technology and to contribute to the deepening of relations between the fields of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

Entry Requirements:

May apply for the PhD:

  • holders of a master’s degree (or equivalent qualification) in the fields of information systems and technology, computer and systems engineering, software engineering, computer science, informatics, multimedia and computer graphics, applied statistics, computational algebra, or other related areas;
  • holders of a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) in the aforementioned fields, with a relevant professional, academic, and/or scientific curriculum, recognized as such by the competent body as evidence of the candidate’s capacity to undertake the doctoral program;
  • on an exceptional basis, holders of an outstanding educational, scientific and/or professional curriculum, recognized as such by the competent body as evidence of the candidate’s capacity to undertake the doctoral program.

Curso reconhecido pela Direção-Geral da Administração Escolar (DGAE) no Grupo de Recrutamento 550. 

Curricular estructure:

The doctoral program has a duration of 3 years, for full time students, and 5 years for partial time students.
The first year embraces a set of compulsory learning units in the scientific areas of Technology, Web Systems, Research Methods, and Knowledge & Information Society. This set of units embodies an advanced program in web science and technology, corresponding to 60 ECTS, divided in two semesters of 30 ECTS each.

The program’s second and third years are reserved for the preparation of the doctoral thesis corresponding to 120 ECTS. The doctoral program’s three years of duration correspond to a total effort of 180 credits ECTS which allow the access to the doctoral diploma in web science and technology.