Master's Degree in Women Studies – Gender, Citizenship and Development

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This master's degree was launched 25 years ago and was a pioneer in Portugal.  It is aimed at those interested in the subject and wish to deepen their knowledge in the area of the promotion of equality and social policies related to women. The master's program is developed, therefore, in the context of specialist training in the Social Sciences, oriented towards professional activities of theoretical and applied research in the field of gender, feminist and women's studies. It aims to prepare graduates for different fields of professional inclusion, where they deal with gender issues and the promotion of equality and social policies related to these issues.

Candidates are required to meet one of the following pre-requisites:

  • a licenciatura or any other legally equivalent certificate;
  • a BA obtained in a foreign university as long as the program is organized in accordance with the principles of Bologna and the country has agreed to that process;
  • a foreign academic degree approved, by the Scientific Council, as being in accordance with the licenciatura degree aims;
  • an academic curriculum, scientific or professional, that the Scientific Council has approved stating the capacity of the candidate to follow this study cycle.
    Besides the previous pre-requisites, the following are also fundamental for admittance to this degree:
  • Candidates with previous basic training in Political and Social Sciences or recognised professional experience in these academic field;
  • Candidates graduated in any other academic field that can prove to have professional, civic or cultural interest in any field of women studies.

Curricular estructure:

The course lasts for four semesters (24 months) and it includes a curricular component and the development of an original scientific dissertation.

The first and second semesters are composed of eight course units (60 ECTS).

The third and fourth semesters correspond to the dissertation (60 ECTS).