Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering and Web Technology

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The master's degree, which results from a partnership between the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and Universidade Aberta, provides a specialisation in computer science from a comprehensive perspective and oriented towards the current challenges of the information society. This targets candidates wishing to deepen their knowledge and skills and/or prepare to continue on to a doctoral degree while benefiting from the advantages of online distance learning.

Entry Requirements:

In agreement with the Portuguese Decree-Law nr. 74/2006 (24th march), candidates are required to meet one of the following pre-requisites:
  • A graduation degree or any other legally equivalent certificate in Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, or in a similar field;
  • A BA in Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, or in similar field, obtained in a foreign university, as long as the program is organized in accordance with the principles of Bologna and the country has agreed to that process;
  • A foreign academic degree in Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, or in a similar field, approved by the Scientific Council of UTAD, as being in accordance with the graduation degree aims;
  • An academic, scientific or professional curriculum, that the Scientific Council of UTAD has approved, stating the capacity of the candidate to follow this study cycle.

Attending the academic activities requires that candidates have access to a computer with broadband Internet connection and knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Novo curso com deliberação positiva da Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (processo NCE/18/000147), registo na Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior n.º R/A-Cr 80/2019 e publicado em DR 2.ª série, N.º 226, de 19 de novembro de 2020.

Online distance learning; intensive one-week face-to-face session for seminars, workshops, and demonstrations.

The Master program on Informatics Engineering and Web Technology (MEIW) was created under the cooperation agreements and their addenda between Universidade Aberta (UAb) and the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD).

The Universidade Aberta and the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro alternate hosting of MEIW every two years. The hosting university provides administrative, financial, and academic management services for that edition throughout its semesters: receiving and organizing applications, announcing results, program enrolment and course sign-up of students, collection of tuition fees and similar, post and mail, the various support services, payment of operational expenses, organization of the public master defences, etc. Editions hosted by UTAD follow Regulation no. 419/2021, published in the official journal (Diário da República) no. 94/2021 (2nd series) on May 14th. Editions hosted by UAb follow Extract 706/2021, published in the official journal no. 144/2021 (2nd series) on July 27th, and Dispatch 4861/2016, also in the official journal, no. 70/2016 (2nd series) on April 11. All editions are further subject to what is determined in their specific opening dispatch.

Curricular estructure:

The MSc in Informatics Engineering and Web Technology is divided in two years.

  • During the first year (2 semesters, corresponding 60 ECTS, with 30 ECTS each) the student will attend several courses.
  • The second year (corresponding 60 ECTS) is reserved for the preparation of individual research work (dissertation, project, or internship) ending with a final oral discussion.

Optional units are organized in groupings: if you choose one unit from a group in the 1st semester, you must choose the other unit from the same group in the 2nd semester:

A1 grouping | Data Science
22124 - Data Mining
22119 - Information Retrieval
A2 grouping | GC
22291 - Digital Games Development
22297 - Virtual Reality Development
A3 grouping | Software development
22292 - Applied Deep Learning
22298 - Mobile Appplications Development
A4 grouping | Artificial intelligence
22130 - Modern Heuristics
22299 - Natural Computing
A5 grouping | Person-Computer Interaction
22293 - Crowd Computing
22300 - Human-Computer Interaction
A6 grouping | Signal and Image Processing
22294 - Digital Image Processing
22305 - Computer Vision
A7 grouping | Web technology
22285 - Advanced Web Programming
22127 - Web Content Management Systems
A8 grouping | High Performance Computing and Security
22125 - High Performance Computing
22118 - Network and Computers Security
A9 grouping | Information Systems
22295 - Systems Integration
22306 - Business Intelligence
A10 grouping | Data Visualization and User Experience
22126 - Information Visualization
22301 - User Experience