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Course Regulation Course fee Teaching mode: Distance teaching Teaching Language: Portuguese

This undergraduate degree was established in 2017 and was the first 1st cycle course in Computer Engineering fully taught under an e-learning regime in Portugal. The course, which replaced the former degree of Universidade Aberta in Computer Science, allows graduates to apply for the title of IT Engineer at the Portuguese Engineers Association. This degree trains specialists in the area of Information Systems and Technologies, capable of understanding and responding to the challenges of the Information Society. An IT Engineer is correspondingly required to be able to analyse and solve problems, respecting technical, economic and social criteria. Therefore, it aims to train professionals who will act either in Portugal and/or in the European Space and who know how to decide in a way that respects the balance between the development and application of technology and its ethical and social impacts.

 Entry Requirements: See Entry Requirements.

Under proposal of the Departament of Science and Technology of Universidade Aberta, on the terms of articles 11.º, 61.º and 74.º of Law n.º 62/2007, from 10 September, of Decree-Law n.º 74/2006, from 24 March, in the wording given by Decree-Law n.º 115/2013, from 7 August, and by Decree-Law n.º 63/2016, from 13 September, the competente legal and statutory organs approved the creation of the 1st study cycle on Informatics Engineering, accredited by the Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior, corresponding to process n.º NCE/16/00197, publication date 19 June 2017 and registered 28 June 2017 in Direção Geral do Ensino Superior with reference n.º R/A -Cr 72/2017.


Prior Accreditation


Distance learning. All teaching and learning activities are developed online (emphasis on asynchronous communication).

Curricular estructure:

Major and Minor in Informatics Engineering (180 ECTS)