Classical Studies I
Cod: 51141
Department: DH
Scientific area: Culture
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 15

Introduction to the study of foundational texts of the Western culture, based on Greek and Latin literature, as well as on Ancient Mythology. Lasting for two semesters, this curricular unit approaches the Greco-Latin cultural heritage from a thematic point of view. Being several the themes that could be used as the Ariadne’s thread of this knowledge, the elected one for the current year is: “the exemplary tradition”.

  1. Classic
  2. Greek tragedy
  3. Mythology

The curricular unit aims to introduce students into the study of some foundational texts of Western culture. Besides the acquaintance with the studied texts, the student must acquire knowledge on Greek and Latin culture and mythology, as well as on the subsequent reception of the studied works.
By the end of this curricular unit, the student must be able to:
•identify the main characteristics of Greco-Latin Antiquity’s cultural productions;
•use and apply a broad notion of “classic”;
•situate the studied Greek and Latin texts, and to explain them from a cultural point of view;
•identify and to comment the reception (be it implicit or explicit) of the studied works by latter artistic and cultural productions.

I. Contextualization of the Greek and Latin cultural production
a. Greek and Latin society and culture
b. A broad notion of “classic”
II. The tragic models
a. The characters in the works of Sophocles
b. Latter readings of the characters of the Greek tragedies
III. Mythology as the mirror of Mankind
a. The stories in Ovid’s Metamorphosis
b. Latter readings of the ovidian myths.

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Continuous assessment is privileged: 2 digital written documents (e-folios) during the semester (40%) and a final digital test, Global e-folio (e-folio G) at the end of the semester (60%). In due time, students can alternatively choose to perform one final exam (100%).