Preparatory Mathematics
Cod: 21160
Department: DCET
Scientific area: Mathematics
Total working hours: 104
Total contact time: 15

This curricular unit was designed to equip learners with the skills in mathematics required to make a success of their studies at the university, with focus on Management degree, but also in Informatics, Mathematics, Natural and exact Sciences.
The learning process will be dynamic and with tutorial support and learning materials, covering the fundamental mathematics concepts and tools for solving problems.


By completing  the course successfully, the student should
  1. understand the exercises that are proposed and the underlying mathematics;
  2. Formulate and solve problems;
  3. Write clearly, with logic and objectively the resolutions;
  4. Be able to articulate and to apply the acquired knowledge in the courses at university level.

  • Algebraic operations (review)
  • Elements of Geometry
  • Elementals of study of functions
  • Basic properties of Sequences
  • Limits of sequences and functions
  • Notions of combinatory calculus and probability
  • Elementary Descriptive Statistics

The supporting materials will be available online in e-learning platform.

The assessment regime is mandatory continuous assessment, consisting of 2/3 e-folios (papers written in digital format), throughout the semester, and a final moment of face-to-face assessment (p-folio), to take place at the end of the semester, with weights of, respectively, 40% and 60% in the final classification. If the student has not been successful in this modality, he/she can still take a final in-person exam.

This course is extra-curricular and optional, and doesn't account for the final grade of the concluded degree.