Thematic Seminar
Cod: 33012
Department: DCSG
ECTS: 15
Scientific area: Art History
Total working hours: 390
Total contact time: 60

From the primary sources and the analysis of the artistic object, the Seminar will be devoted to the study and reflection on various themes of art in Portugal from the 15th and 16th centuries (late Middle Ages and Renaissance). The curricular unit will be adapted to the profile of the student who attends it and the research topic which he intends to develop.

History of Art

* To understand and to master the sources and methods of analysis for the study of Portuguese art of 15th and 16th centuries; * To develop critical thinking about the problems inherent in the study of Portuguese Art  (chronological field indicated)

* The ability to understand the scientific field of history, with special focus in the area of Art History of Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Portugal; * The ability to critically analyze and synthesize content taught and simultaneously new ideas and perspectives about subjects; *The development of the ability to make research with the aim of producing skilled and original scientific knowledge in the field of history, with special focus in the area of Art History of Late Middle Ages and Renaissance in Portugal.

1 - Sources for the History of Late Middle Ages and Renaissance Art 2 – Themes of Portuguese architecture: from late Gothic to 'Estilo Chão’ – plain architecture 3 – Stone and Wood: sculptors in Portugal from 15th and 16th centuries 4 - The Art of Portuguese Painting in Late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

CARVALHO, José Alberto Seabra e CAETANO, Joaquim Oliveira (coord.), Primitivos Portugueses – o século de Nuno Gonçalves, Lisboa, Athena, 2010.
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PEREIRA, Paulo (dir.), História da Arte em Portugal, vol. II, Lisboa, Ed. Temas e Debates, 1995. RODRIGUES, Dalila, A Pintura num século de excepção 1450-1550, Lisboa, Fubu Editores, 2009.
* Other bibliographical references will be provided according to different topics dealt with during the semester.



The assessment of doctoral students is continuous, resulting from the weighting of all the elements of participation in seminar (forum level and written papers presented on the topics taught).