Project Seminar
Cod: 33013
Department: DCSG
ECTS: 15
Scientific area: Heritage Studies
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 15

This curricular unit aims to develop a plan for a doctoral thesis.

1. Plan
2.Doctoral thesis

This curricular unit aims to:
-Frame the problem;
-Define the scope of the study;
-Compile sources and bibliography
-Survey of primary sources and bibliography;
-Build the conceptual framework;
-Draft the plan and timetable.

This seminar is taught by different teachers. The topics explored are:
1.To survey of the bio-bibliography research on the theme chosen;
2. To show the “state of art”;
3. To outline the work scheme of the thesis.

The teacher provides the bibliography


The curricular unit is anchored in the study, understanding and personal reflection, and collaborative work. The final evaluation ponders on the continual evaluation and final summative. Each activity instructions specify the debates and individual assignments objectives and procedures, and evaluate the knowledge of concepts, and synthesis skills.

Students are required to have access to a computer with Internet connection and an e-mail address as well as to have computer literacy from the users' perspective.
Language(s) of Instruction: Portuguese.