Seminar of Enterprise Systems
Cod: 22160
Department: DCET
ECTS: 7.5
Scientific area: Enterprise Information Systems
Total working hours: 210
Total contact time: 60

This course aims to provide students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in science and technology related to the emerging field of technology and business information systems through case studies and intensive seminars taught by guest speakers.

Emerging technological and scientific areas

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
• Explain the importance of the specific area of knowledge in the design, development and deployment of enterprise systems
• Explain the fundamentals of theory and technology in the specific area of knowledge of each course or intensive case study
• Identify and classify special features, limitations and potential of the technologies, methods or models related to the specific area of knowledge of each course or intensive case study
• Identify, analyze, categorize and evaluate the technology and systems within the specific area of knowledge intensive course or case study, taking into account their exploitation in organizations

The program covers the following topics:
• Introduction to the thematic area of each seminar
• Study of theory and technology for that thematic area
• Comparative and contextual analysis for the domain
• Implementation practices
• Case studies

Documentação a ser disponibilizada pelos docentes ao longo do semestre


Evaluation is made on individual basis and it involves the coexistence of two modes: continuous assessment (60%) and final evaluation (40%). Further information is detailed in the Learning Agreement of the course unit.