Investigation Project
Cod: 43003
Department: DCSG
ECTS: 10
Scientific area: Social Sciences
Total working hours: 260
Total contact time: 40

This curricular unit aims to provide a space for the consolidation of the relationship between supervisor and PhD student, focussing on the critical analysis of research design involved in the elaboration of the research project.

Thesis prospectus

- Understand the key debates and themes in the field of interculturality, particularly in the specific area in which the
research project is being undertaken.
- Devise and undertake a theoretically and methodologically-grounded research project;
- Critically reflect upon research published in the student’s specialised area, assessing its theoretical and
methodological implications;

1. Research themes and issues in the various areas of interculturality
2. Relevance, quality and feasibility of a research project - problem, motivation, conceptual and methodological
research framework
3. Research project design, in the context of the PhD thesis
4. Presentation and discussion of PhD research project

Bibliographic resources to be indicated by the thesis’ supervisor according to the PhD students´ research project.

The learning process implies a dual strand of individual study and research work. Assessment of learning in this curricular unit will be carried out via continuous assessment of individual
activities. Final assessment combines a range of assessment elements: the quality of participation in debate forums; individual work (critical reading and essays); individual final work.

Students are required to have access to a computer with Internet connection as well as digital literacy to work at Moodle platform. English language knowledge is required