Textual Linguistics: Issues on Portuguese Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
Cod: 53007
Department: DH
ECTS: 15
Scientific area: Portuguese Linguistics
Total working hours: 390
Total contact time: 60

The curricular unit’s main goal consists on approaching several main Text Linguistics’ theoretical and methodological issues that may be applied to other disciplines. Also, it is intended to show how text coherence is built upon syntactic, semantic and pragmatic devices and relations.
Firstly, it reflects on the origins and on several main epistemological issues that legitimate textual approaches.
Then, text analysis is promoted on the basis of a discourse relations perspective, which stresses how semantic relations among text sequences help to build up the texts’ coherence.
Finally, several text classifications are analyzed, namely discourse types, genres and textual sequences. In each of these classifications, the focus relies on exposing defining criteria and the main properties of each textual class, so that different classes are profusely characterized and clearly differentiated.