Introduction to Data Bases
Cod: 22150
Department: DCET
ECTS: 7.5
Scientific area: Computer Engineering
Total working hours: 210
Total contact time: 40

This curricular unit (CU) aims to provide substantial knowledge about the principles, concepts, models and technologies of Databases, as well as their implementation and application in enterprises and organizations in general.

information systems

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

a) Identify the problems of data management in computer systems.
b) Discuss the need to use Database Management Systems (DBMS).
c) Demonstrate the capabilities of such systems and its application to problems of organizations.
d) Analyze the technologies inherent to these systems.
e) Design a relational database, based on its fundamental principles.

The program covers the following topics:

1) Introduction to Databases and their place in the area of Information Systems.
2) Database Management Systems (DBMS).
3) Design of Relational Databases.
4) Technological aspects of Databases.
5) Application of DBMS in an organization.
6) Data and information on the Web.



Evaluation is made on individual basis and it involves the coexistence of two modes: continuous assessment (60%) and final evaluation (40%). Further information is detailed in the Learning Agreement of the course unit.