Introduction to Museology
Cod: 31067
Department: DCSG
Scientific area: Heritage Studies
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 15

This course unit introduces the phenomenon of museum studies in Portugal. The course unit analyses the situation of the different historical contexts from the birth of the first private collections until the exhibit of objects in public museums. It also provides basic notions of conservation and preservation, as well as general notions of museography. Finally, it discusses the typology and internal organization of Portuguese museums.


• Understanding the main issues concerning collectionism and museology in Portugal during modern and contemporary times;
• Identifying the main principles underlying Museology: its typology, organics and heritage preservation.

• From the collections to the museums: for a history of collectionism and museums in Portugal;
• Types of museums;
• Notions of museography;
• The organization of museums;
• Museological notions of conservation and preservation.

ROCHA-TRINDADE, Maria Beatriz, (coord.), Iniciação à Museologia, Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, 1993.


Continuous assessment is privileged: 2 digital written documents (e-folios) during the semester (40%) and a final digital test, Global e-folio (e-folio G) at the end of the semester (60%). In due time, students can alternatively choose to perform one final exam (100%).

Students are required to have access to a computer with Internet connection and an e-mail address as well as to have computer literacy from the users' perspective.