Cod: 51182
Department: DH
Scientific area: Language
Total working hours: 150
Total contact time: 45

The Spanish I course aims for the student to establish their first contact with the Spanish language and culture, as well as to acquire the levels marked by the QCER of level A1. In addition, the learning process will be taken into account from the point of view of the difficulties presented by the Portuguese-speaking students.




Spanish Culture

Throughout this module the student will acquire knowledge of Spanish corresponding to level A1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (elementary user):

- Is able to understand and use familiar and everyday expressions, as well as very simple statements, which aim to meet concrete needs.

- Is able to introduce yourself and others and to ask questions and give answers about personal aspects such as the place you live, the people you know and the things you have.

- I sable to communicate simply, if the interlocutor speaks slowly and distinctly and is cooperative.

- Is able to recognize cultural elements and manifestations and compare them with his own culture.

  • To make your own presentation
  • To identify people, places, objects and psychological states
  • to compare people, objects, places, situations and actions
  • To express reasons for actions
  • To talk about habitual actions or the present moment
  • To report and detect errors in communication
  • To ask about basic information

Garmendia et al. (2022) Aula internacional Plus 1 - Libro del alumno. Ed. Difusión.


Continuous assessment is privileged: 2 digital written documents (e-folios) during the semester (40%) and a final digital test, Global e-folio (e-folio G) at the end of the semester (60%).