Elements of Infinitesimal Analysis II
Cod: 21031
Department: DCET
Scientific area: Mathematics
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 26

In this course unit the basic concepts and techniques of Integral Calculus, Taylor series, and Differential Analyis in Rn are studied

1. Integral Calculus
2. Taylor Series
3. Differential Analysis in R^n

Upon completion this course unit students are expected to be able to master Mathematical Analysis concepts and techniques for:

  • understanding and solving conceptual problems;
  • applying them for solving simple problems of Mathematical Modelling.

1. Integral Calculus in R
2. Taylor series
3. Differential Analysis in Rn

[1.] J. Campos Ferreira, Introdução à Análise Matemática, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 1987.

[2.] J. Campos Ferreira, Introdução à Análise em Rn, available online

[3.] Gabriel E. Pires; Cálculo Diferencial e Integral em Rn, Coleção Ensino da Ciência e da Tecnologia, vol. 45, IST Press, Lisboa, 2012.


Continuous assessment is privileged: 2 or 3 digital written documents (e-folios) during the semester (40%) and a presence-based final exam (p-folio) in the end of the semester (60%). In due time, students can alternatively choose to perform one final presence-based exam (100%).

Pre-requisites: students are supposed to be conversant with the subject matter studied in Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis at the level of the course units 21002 and 21030.