Education and Internet
Cod: 11013
Department: DEED
Scientific area: Education Sciences
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 15

In addition to being an almost infinite repository of information, Internet offers vast resources for research, communication and dissemination of information. Taking profit of the potential offered by this means, we examine ways of accessing information over the Internet to find information and evaluate its quality and relevance to the educational process. This will address issues on source credibility and copyright. As far as communication is concerned, it will be analysed synchronous and asynchronous tools, techniques and possibilities of using email, newsgroups and mailing lists, forums, chats and instant messengers and evaluate its importance in educational processes. A central aspect of the research is sharing results and therefore some procedures relevant to their publication on the network will be reviewed.

• Searching and evaluating the world wide web information.
• Organising oriented projects and researches with relevance in the educational field.
• Using basic communication (asynchronous and synchronous) tools and web publication.

To be defined.

To be defined.


Continuous assessment is privileged: 2 digital written documents (e-folios) during the semester (40%) and a final digital test, Global e-folio (e-folio G) at the end of the semester (60%). In due time, students can alternatively choose to perform one final exam (100%).