Cod: 22009
Department: DCET
Scientific area: Information and Communication Technologies
Total working hours: 130
Total contact time: 20

The aim of this course is to develop in the students skills to deal with problems involving optimization methods, simulation techniques and data visualization techniques.

R Language

Upon completion of this unit, the student should be able to:
• Recognize the role and importance of the tools available in R for processing and analyzing statistical data;
• Identifying and learning to apply the main methods of optimization used in statistics;
• Develop and apply simulation techniques;
• Identified and exploring visualization techniques;
• Solve problems using the R program, involving the themes dealing with statistics.

1.Programming in R
2.Optimization in Statistics
4.Data Visualization

  • Christian P. Robert and George Casella (2010): Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R,  Springer-Verlag . ISBN 978-1-4419-1575-7
  • Maria L. Rizzo  (2008): Statistical Computing with R, Chapman and Hall/CRC. ISBN: 9781584885450, ISBN 10: 1584885459.
  • J. E. Gentle (2005): Random Number Generation and Monte Carlo Methods 2nd Edition, Springer. ISBN 0-387-0017-6 e-ISBN 0-387-21610
  • Everitt, E.S. (1987): Introduction to Optimization Methods and their Application in Statistics, Chapman and Hall, ISBN:-13. 978-94-010-7917-4, e-ISBN-13: 978-94-009-3153-4, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-009-3153-4

E-learning (fully online).

Evaluation is made on individual basis and it involves the coexistence of two modes: continuous assessment (60%) and final evaluation (40%). Further information is detailed in the Learning Agreement of the course unit.

Pre-requisites: not applicable

Language(s) of Instruction: Portuguese.

Contact for virtual mobility students: Communication and International Relations Office –