Cod: 61040
Department: DCSG
Scientific area: Management
Total working hours: 156
Total contact time: 15

In this Curricular Unit it is intended to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the overall course, departing from the analysis and resolution of different management real case studies.
Through this analysis it is also pretended that students show an adequate knowledge of the different management subjects, i.e.: human resources/team building; Corporate strategy; Marketing and development of Business Models. Pedagogical methods will highlight the development of soft skills.

Practical Management Situations
Soft Skills for Management
Linking Management Problems

•    To Participate in group decisions regarding management of an organisation
•    To develop communication skills
•    To develop analytical and problem solving  skills
•    To show adequate knowledge of the different management domains

•    From idea to the business case
•    The business Model
•    Value Proposition
•    Business Plan

Mandatory reading will be provided on Moodle

Continuous Assessment

Very good computer skills; Computer vocabulary; Word processing; Internet.
Basic texts are written in Portuguese, however students are recommended to be competent in English because complementary readings may be in English.