Master's Degree in Statistics, Mathematics and Computation

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This master's degree is designed for those wishing to deepen their knowledge in the fields of Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Statistics, Logic and Numerical Methods, particularly in their computational aspects, including the automatic demonstration of theorems, advanced statistical data processing and mathematical modelling. Specialists from the fields of engineering, consulting, insurance and banking as well as teachers and educators, among others, are eligible for this degree.

Goals / Employment:

The MSc in Statistics, Mathematics and Computation is intended to all graduates with interest and responsibilities in the areas of Statistics, Mathematics or Computer Science, including:

  • Professionals in the areas of Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics;
  • Professionals in the areas of consulting, insurance and banking;
  • Professionals duties in public office;
  • Teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary education;
  • Researchers and scholars;
  • Young graduates with career prospects in this area;
  • Anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge in these areas.

Teaching Mode: Distance learning in virtual classroom mode (online education using e-learning platform).


Curricular estructure:

This MSc course is divided in three branches: Computational Algebra and Logic; Computational Statistics; and Computational Applied Mathematics.
 In the three branches, the course is divided in a first curricular part and second part, which is dedicated to the preparation, development, and oral presentation and defense of a dissertation; this cycle of studies holds a total of 120 ECTS for a MSc degree. The first part of the course is curricular and is structured in two semesters holding 60 ECTS. A post-graduate diploma is awarded upon completion of the curricular part. The second part of the course is dedicated to the development of the dissertation, holding a total of 60 ECTS. The student can enroll the course as full time or part time student.